Don’t throw that Starter Away! Make Sourdough Apple Pancakes

Sourdough starter is far too precious to just throw away when it’s time to feed your starter! Here’s a recipe I came up with to use up extra starter when I don’t have time to make bread. Sourdough Pancakes are delicious plain, or throw in some apples, blueberries, strawberries, or bananas and you’ll have deliciously nutritious pancakes for a quick and easy farm fresh breakfast!

Summer Fresh Farmstead Quiche

Today’ it’s eggs, summer squash, and goat cheese that’s taking up too much space in the fridge! Oh, and we’re forever hungry this time of year, as our workload on our little farmstead increases as the days grow warmer and longer, so finding something fresh and nutritious to have on hand and ready to eat when we take a break is a huge plus.