So, the journey begins…

Hi there! I’m Sara, a North Idaho homestead-farmer who, after spending years climbing the corporate ladder for large Real Estate development and holding companies in Washington and Colorado while raising two beautiful young men as as single mom (they’re now grown), eventually moving on to management consulting services and traveling full time on business throughout the USA and Western Canada, then selling luxury real estate in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, all while owning a few small businesses along the way, took a huge plunge and chased my dream. I finally recognized after so many years of living my life on someone else’s terms, that I was ready to go embrace all those long cherished skills my mother taught me back in my childhood farming roots and reignite those dreams I’d lost so long ago… it was time to get back to a simpler life, in many ways a harder life, but a life lived on my terms…

The mountains were calling me… I wanted more self sufficiency… the life of a homesteader… But how could I possibly make this happen?

Then along came a guy who little by little stole my heart, and together we went from being neighbors, to friends, to dating, to sharing our dreams, to enjoying the rest of our lives together. Although I’m the actual writer of this blog, Steve is a huge part of all of we do and you’ll see me refer to “us” and “we” far more than you’ll ever see singular references. He’s spent his professional life as an incredible chef at some very high end restaurants (back when he was clean shaven!), so he brings a wealth of culinary knowledge and experience to our little venture here.

Steve and I searched high and low for the right property in the right price range, initially in Northern Arizona and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado so we could stay closer to family. We looked for a couple of years but just couldn’t find anything affordable that met our criteria. We expanded our search up into Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, when finally our prayers were answered and I met a man in Arizona who just happened to have what we were looking for in North Idaho, AND very close to the area we had specifically been looking.

In late 2018, we agreed to purchase the property in Cocolalla, Idaho that’s poised just a short walk to the lake, has 5 very useable acres complete with outbuildings and barns, a house that’s livable (although it’s in the middle of an unfinished remodel that begun with the previous owner), within reasonably easy access to local Farmer’s Markets, and more importantly – within budget! Perfect! Off we went!

We got to work, and as soon as the ground was workable in 2019 we planted a small orchard, tilled a garden, put in a berry patch that included 40 blue berry bushes, ordered chickens, ducks and geese, and bought our first goats. It was a lot to take on all at once, in retrospect, probably too much.

Since that time, we’ve developed a very high quality herd of registered dairy goats, learned to make wonderful hand crafted soaps and artisan cheeses from goat milk, added a few dairy cows, and have been met with a lot of trials and tribulations. Our failures have been plentiful, but our successes have also been abundant and we’re very blessed to still be here, learning and sharing as we go. Farming is so very different than it was back in the day when my parents were alive and farming, but the values and skills I learned as a kid for canning, gardening, food storage and preservation, animal husbandry, orchard management, and careful management of resources have all come flooding back to me. Although it’s not an easy row to hoe, it’s the path in life I so cherish and am grateful to experience… perhaps, for me, it’s even a calling.

So, now we make our living making artisan cheese from our goat and cow milk, handcrafted goat milk soap, breeding high quality Mini Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, and selling eggs. We love what we do, and I started this blog to share our journey and help others avoid some of the pitfalls and experience the joys of creating a warm and wonderfully handcrafted life, on YOUR terms!

If you’d like to see more about our farm, see our goats, cheeses, butters, soaps, and other farm fresh goodies, please check out our farm page at We’re glad you stopped by to meet us, and hope you’ll join us on this journey to living a healthier, happier, homemade life!

What People Say

I had some of your delicious Mediterranean seasoned goat cheese this evening with my dinner!! Amazing!!

Dawnelle C

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Dr. Seuss

Let’s Grow Together!

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