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Why Choose a Mini-Nubian Goat & Understanding Generations

Why choose a Mini Nubian? It’s the fabulous milk, the vast array of colors, those adorable long ears, Roman noses, inquisitive personalities, and (I’ll say it again) the FABULOUS milk!!! Lots and lots of sweet, creamy and delicious milk from a medium sized goat that requires less room to house, consumes less feed than aContinue reading “Why Choose a Mini-Nubian Goat & Understanding Generations”

Summer Fresh Farmstead Quiche

Today’ it’s eggs, summer squash, and goat cheese that’s taking up too much space in the fridge! Oh, and we’re forever hungry this time of year, as our workload on our little farmstead increases as the days grow warmer and longer, so finding something fresh and nutritious to have on hand and ready to eat when we take a break is a huge plus.


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